Goats’ Milk Powder

Available in 450g, 900g or 5 kg.

Our goats milk powder is sourced from the Netherlands.  This is because there is no Goats milk being powdered here in Ireland.  We source from a supplier who is both committed to working long-term with local farmers and animal welfare.

Full cream goat milk powder (FCMP) is obtained after evaporation and spray drying of liquid full cream goat milk and can be used to make milk, in baking or beauty products (we make bath bombs at our house!)


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Benefits of Goats Milk

Goats’ milk contains its own unique fatty acid profile and protein structure. Goat milk produces a smaller and more soft curd in the stomach, due to smaller fat particle size and a different protein structure. Small, soft curds are more rapidly broken down by stomach enzymes which make goat milk more easily digestible. The better digestion of goat milk, also promotes better absorption of vitamins and minerals found in goats’ milk.

Goats’ milk contains high levels of short (SCFA) and medium-chain fatty aicds (MCTs). These SCFAs and MCTs are more rapidly digested and provide quick energy. Fatty acid profile lays closer to human milk fat compared to cow milk fat.

Goats’ milk is also a great source of important vitamins such as vitamin A, D and multiple B-vitamins. Goats’ milk is more rich in vitamin A compared to cowss milk and Goats’ milk is able to convert beta-carotene (which is a pre-cursor for vitamin A) directly into vitamin A. This is why the colour of goats’ cheese is much more lighter than cows’ cheese!

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450g, 5 kg, 900g


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