100% Cocoa Mass (Cocoa Liquor)

Our 100% base cocoa mass.  One ingredient – Fairtrade Organic single origin cacao beans.  Velvety, deep, dark, rich with notes of red fruit & winter spice, tastes like sun-baked earthy warmth.

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Our 100% cocoa mass made from one ingredient – Whole Cocoa (Fairtrade, Organic, Single origin)

HOW WE MAKE IT – We lightly roast our ABOCFA (Ghana) cacao beans then crack, winnow (remove the outer husks) and stone-grind for 3 days to create cocoa liquor.  This is poured onto trays and set.  Once solid we roughly break into shards and pack it up for you to enjoy or temper to create our 100% bars and grating hearts.

USES – This chocolate is perfect for baking, cooking or enjoying straight from the pack.  Delicious for drinking chocolate (everyday use or ceremonial), we like to add a bit of chilli, cinnamon or honey.  We also love it grated anywhere you might put black pepper.

What is ceremonial cacao and how do you use it?  Read a definition and some great tips on how to prepare ceremonial cacao provided by the chocolate professor here https://www.thechocolateprofessor.com/blog/ceremonial-cacao

Our 100% cocoa mass can also be referred to as cocoa liquor, 100% base couveture or ceremonial cacao.

HOW IT LOOKS – Because this chocolate has not been tempered (made shelf stable, shiny & snappy) it has ‘bloom’ marks which are whitish spots which doesn’t affect the tastiness.  It also has a bubblier texture, which people love.

All of our chocolate is made in-house, from-the-bean, in Clonakilty.  We are a small business and we believe small is beautiful.

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