Hands-on Chocolate Making Workshop

As one of only 3 ‘from the bean’ chocolate makers in Ireland we offer a fun hands on introduction to small scale bean to bar chocolate making, making enough chocolate goodies for each guest to take away a generous treat bag!  We make a great selection of goodies which may include fruit & nut mendiants, truffles, lollies and hot-chocolate stirs.  Workshop lasts approx 2 hours, and cost is €180 per group – suitable for 6-8 people, perfect for groups of adults or a mix of adults and kids 5 years+.

*Please note: unfortunately due to changes with our insurance policy we can no longer offer children-only (under 12s) events and we are very sorry to say that we can no longer host any children under 5 years during any workshop.

Cocoa pod and the nibs and husks that are part of it
Bulk Chocolate - Rough & Untempered broken on wooden block

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