Are you interested in delving deep by having a one on one session to learn how to make chocolate from the bean?  I love sharing what I have learned over the years, talking all things cocoa (or cacao!), and showing off my lovely machines.

A visit to our workshop is a great way to get inspired if you want to dive deeper into the world of cocoa.  In this private session you will be surrounded by my machines and I will explain step-by-step how we make chocolate, about the alternative sugars we use and you will taste your way from bean-to-bar.  This can be catered to the any area of interest you have – I can delve deeper into chocolate ethics, packaging, entrepreneurship, working with the HSE and safety etc.


I offer 1/2 day private training sessions, it takes 2 sessions to cover the entire bean-to-bar process but you are welcome to choose to book only one session to focus on the element you are most interested in. 

  • Session A – From cocoa bean to base chocolate – typically 2 hours (includes roasting/winnowing/conching)
  • Session B – Tempering – typically 3 hours (includes a variety of moulding techniques)

In these sessions we cover sourcing, sorting, roasting, winnowing, refining, tempering as well any other questions you have!  (Sessions are typically 2-3 hours & include chocolate to take home) 

Our bean-to-bar micro-factory is at the back of our own home, a 5 min walk from Clonakilty’s main street.  The entire chocolate production is on site and takes place in one room.  There is always space to park directly in front of our house.  We will send address details upon booking.

Visits should be arranged well in advance, please get in touch at least 2 weeks before you hope to come so we can try to arrange our production schedule around your visit.  All sessions are private and for 1 adult.

  • Session A – Bean to Base €255
  • Session B – Tempering €295
  • Session A + B booked together €495 (we recommend spacing your days with a day-off between so you can pour the chocolate you load into the conche on the first day)
  • Extra guest  €40

Booking deposits can be made here, contact me directly first to arrange a date by emailing [email protected].

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