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Exploding Tree is a business, but I see it more as a project, a living thing that I continually try to shape and guide in hopes that it will continue to inspire us and others. Our supply chain is of course a vital part of who we are, and apart from ingredients, earth-friendly packaging is paramount.

We made the switch to only compostable packaging in 2010 and with our ‘Cut the Rubbish’ project in 2018/2019 I pushed further to make sure all our shipping packaging, printing supplies and cleaning cloths are as environmentally friendly as possible. Choosing the ‘lower impact’ options obviously have a greater cost, but they also bring me a great sense of fulfilment…some kind of deep joy bubbles up and makes me want to keep sticking to my instincts.

We now also have ‘unwrapped’ options when buying chocolate bars online to further save packaging, and you can choose to ‘save the wrap’ and save €1 on checkout, which means we can reuse packaging we have received to ship your order. More and more of our customers are trying to cut their own rubbish, and so we are delighted to be able to share this list, for easy and complete transparency!


Eco Packaging Suppliers (Ireland/UK)

We are only happy to share our list of amazing suppliers with anyone who wants to benefit from our research! If you have any suppliers you would like to recommend us we’d be equally happy to hear from you – or even add your supplier to our list to make a rich resource we can all share.

Clear Sleeves

Clear Sleeves: Inner sleeves for bars, Large Mailing Bags
Inner sleeves for bars, Large Mailing Bags

Supplier: Eco-Craft

Both biodegradable and compostable. Made from annually renewable corn/potato starch or cellulose these bags offer a greener alternative to polypropylene, PVC etc.


Card: Outer chocolate bar sleeve, shelf ready boxes and bands for gift boxes
Outer chocolate bar sleeve, shelf ready boxes and bands for gift boxes

Supplier: Paperwise

High quality PaperWise paper and paperboard is made
from agricultural waste (leaves and stems) with 100%
green energy.

Short-run Printers

Short-run Printers: Small run printing – workshop flyers, postcards, business cards
Small run printing – workshop flyers, postcards, business cards

Printer: Online Printers

We use their recycled card (The recycled card stock we offer consists of 100% recycled paper and is labeled with the “blue angel” seal which has set the standard for environmentally friendly products since 1978, you are guaranteed to be on the right ecological path of supporting environmental awareness.)


Boxes: Gift boxes, truffles, etc.
Gift boxes, truffles, etc.

Printer: Tiny Box Company

We use a variety of boxes from these guys, flat packed kraft brown
(Made from partly recycled fibres and is fully recyclable.) and 2 piece
boxes (Made From 1200 gsm Recycled Card)

Packaging Printers

Packaging Printers: Chocolate Bars Sleeves, SRP, etc.
Chocolate Bars Sleeves, SRP, etc.

Printer: Priory Press

Vegetable Based inks, using Paperwise paper “We believe packaging doesn’t have to cost the earth”.

Label Printers

Label Printers: All labels, chocolate bars, boxes, etc.
All labels, chocolate bars, boxes, etc.

Printer: Ker Graphics

They have good eco options for labels. Weusea combination of matt vellum paper (biodegradable) and Bagasse Cane Fibre Biodegradable (made from cane sugar stalks – agricultural waste)


Pouches: Tea, Bulk Chocolate, etc.
Tea, Bulk Chocolate, etc.

Supplier: The Pouch Shop

They have compostable and biodegradable pouches.

General Supplies

Printing Paper, Envelopes, Paper tape, Tissue, Cleaning Products, Cloths etc

Supplier: Klee Paper

Klee Paper is a family business based in Ireland specialising in recycled office and gift stationery. We introduced recycled paper to the Irish market back in 1988 and continue to be the leading specialist for eco friendly paper supplies and related products.

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