I am getting very busy with Easter and new stockists, we’ve had a great reaction to our sugar-free bars and the early-bird Easter orders are rolling in.  Here are four bits of new and exciting news we’d like to share:

1 – We were delighted to hear that Billy Lyons of corkbilly.com voted our Pink Himalayan Salt bar his ‘Taste of the Week’ I am very honoured to be included among the fantastic foods his promotes on his blog!

2 – The lovely people at Ummera Smoked Products are giving away a free bar of our Decadent Dark Chocolate with every side of Salmon you order between now and Easter!  I did some experimenting last night and came up with this lovely flavour combination:salmonHomemade Sourdough Bread with Ummera Smoked Salmon, Grated Dark Chocolate, Chilli flakes and Lime!  The chilli and lime are the bridge between the chocolate and salmon and it was a hit with our dinner guests 🙂  The only thing I might have added was a bit of avocado, but I couldn’t find a ripe one at short notice!

3 – The incredibly creative and talented people at Little Green Dot have included our lollies in their post-able ‘Happy Chocolatey Puppet-ey Easter Fun Pack’ and we are delighted.  They make all their toys using only the best organic fabrics and are made only a few houses away from us in Clonakilty!  Order one here 🙂


4 – I am so thrilled to have been accepted onto the School for Social Entrepreneurs Incubator course in Dublin, it’s an 8 month course guiding entrepreneurs who want to develop their business with social responsibility/ethics/community/sustainability weighing in equally with financial stability and development.   I have been looking to the future and scheming up ideas for a cocoa bean-factory in Clonakilty.  I am so delighted that I will be inspired and guided by this program!

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