Hope everyone out there had a brilliant holiday season, we were run off our feet to get all kinds of chocolatey goodies to the shops and markets in Clonakilty and are thrilled at your reactions to the new Raw & Glucose-Free bars.  I’ve finally put up a few pictures of my recent inspiring trip to Ghana and here is the wee video we made whilst we were there for the Fairtrade conference in Dublin…

I’m scheming up lots of ideas for the future of Clonakilty Chocolate.  In Ghana I realised how great a role small businesses can play and was so inspired those we visited, that I’m determined to push and stretch my comfort zone & horizons and explore possibilities…

I am delighted to be finally getting our official Fairtrade Certification sorted out (look out for the official launch during fair-trade fortnight March this year) and am hoping to create more direct links with Kuapa Kokoo in Ghana, but most of all I’m looking forward to building up my tiny business into a small business that can be of more benefit to its community while standing for sustainable practice in business & sustainable tourism in both Clonakilty & Ghana…  Here’s to 2014 🙂 x A

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