There is a lot to be excited about this week.   I  want to write two bits of very important news for Clon Chocolate  and I would like to spend more time on this post but  I’m a bit bleary eyed from re-populating the website after the recent virus attack (shop finally back up) so please forgive any typos!  Here we go:

1 – Raw/Sugar-free bars are here!  I have been selling (& sampling) two new bars at the last 2 Friday markets in Clon and they have been a great hit, the first bar ‘For Goodness Sake’ is 80% cacao goodness sweetened with a small amount of Xylitol and powdered Lucuma fruit, the flavour is cacao intense but the Lucuma keeps it very mellow. Bar number 2 is ‘Orange Crunch‘ same ingredients as above with the added benefit of natural orange essence & cacao nibs…. yummmmmm –  please do get in touch if you’re after some raw and sugar-free goodness!

2- I’M GOING TO GHANA!!!!!! I have been very fortunate to be offered the opportunity to visit the farm where my chocolate starts it’s journey at it’s Fairtrade Cooperative in Ghana, West Africa!  I am going as a representative of Fairtrade Clonakilty as we celebrate 10 years of being a Fairtrade town and I am so looking forward to meeting the people and plants that have been such a big part of my life.  This is an absolute dream come true for me.  I leave Nov 2nd so I am busy in the chocolaterie getting some spooky halloween ghosts and bars done to make sure all the shops are stocked up while i’m away.  I’ll be at the market this Friday then off for 2 🙂 More news to come! Ax

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