I am thrilled to announce I’ve just received my very own VitaMix blender in the post.  This new snazzy bit of kit means i’m expanding my range of bars to include some even more delectable and lovingly handmade bars including a much requested Raw & Sugar-Free bar…  I’m still in the experimental stages but after a great Raw Chocolate course with Amy from Ooosha this summer I am confident i’ll come up with something delicious.  But what flavours to choose, and which yummy sweetners, I have room for 3 more bars on my bike market stand….. more experimenting to do but expect the new bars to turn up at the market before Christmas!  (Now i’ve set the deadline I’m sure to get a move on!)

Since I last posted I’ve had a brilliant summer of sunshine & busy markets but struggled against all that heat.  I had to shut down production for a couple weeks when my workshop just got too hot for the chocolate to temper properly!  Too bad – I had to go to the beach instead 🙂

Inchydoney beach was jammed and it was lovely to see all the locals and visitors adjust wardrobes accordingly, we had guests staying almost all summer long with many convinced Ireland is a tropical paradise with rain a fabricated rumour to keep tourists at bay!  But autumn is here and we’re bring reminded that winter is around the corner.  So time to settle into the studio and get to work!

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