Well I’ve been on lock-down for sometime now, trying to get ahead and guess just at what point how many Easter Eggs is too many.  I’ve been shaping truffle eggs, rolling hollow eggs and filling stuffed eggs…. not to mention the bunnies!  Bunnies on trains, bunnies with carrots, solid bunnies with little flowers, so many bunnies, so little time!

For most, Easter comes and goes over a weekend, for others, it is preceeded by the celebration of Lent – or suffered through, but for many, chocolate bunnies do not come into play until the few days, or hours, before Easter Sunday.  Not so for the wee chocolatiere – I have been dreaming of bunnies for weeks now, and they have started to crowd my studio and are threatening to topple on me, leaving me the only option of ‘nomming’ my way out.  (as in ‘nom nom nom’ ‘mmmmmm’)….  This is what I’m dealing with:


Ok all that to say I will be at the Friday market for the next two weeks in Clon with my goodies, and happy to answer any questions or, of course, sell you a chocolate bunny.  Off to wrap them. x A

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