I’m not the only one who is feeling 2012 fly by.  It seems, as the Mayans predicted, 2012 has been a year of great transition and growth, everyone I chat with really seems to be at the foot, or halfway up, some new mountain of personal development.

For me, 2012 has been about getting grounded, nesting, and committing to the things I put my hand to.  So that means more chocolate coming your way!  I’ve committed to getting a bit more experimental, pushing my limits and developing some new products in time for Christmas – but oh! does it have to come so soon!

I’m still going through the rebrand shift – got my new market signs last week – and setting up my lovely petit chocolaterie, new flooring (as required by HSE) will soon be covering up my beautiful restored wooden floor (sigh) and a new sink & hob mean that i’ve moved out of the main house kitchen for good! (whoop whoop!)

So please bear with me as I continue to struggle alongside you all to hold the reins on this bucking bronco of a year.  I plan to get into the Clon market every Friday from here on in and be organized enough to showcase my new lovely treats before Christmas eve arrives!

Work to do! Ax


My latest dinner party experiment – Walnut & Coconut Clusters mmmmmmm

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