Well summer has flown by and here we are back in autumn, and what a beauty!  We have been working hard to get our new home and new chocolaterie up and running and we’re now very nearly there!  I have also been working at (sigh) yet another rebrand.  After so many shops & customers thinking I worked for the hotel (Inchydoney Hotel) I decided last Christmas i’d need to switch from Inchydoney Chocolate to Clonakilty Chocolate, and since we’ve moved into town it all makes sense.  So here we are, new website, new name, new chocolaterie!

After a very successful ‘Favour Fayre’ here in town last weekend i’ve run my stocks of my old bars down and am ready to make the switch!  Thankfully I do all my printing in house so I’m able to run off small quantities of labels and that means I won’t need to throw any of the old labels in the fire, though I do need a new sign for the market. :(

I’m also gearing up for some lovely new products and an online shop, so check back in a week or two to see what i’ve been up to.  Lots of work left to do so back to it!  Ax

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