Autumn is always an interesting time in the chocolate ‘factory’, returning from a long summer away, restocking shops and re-evaluating what is next.

In the past three years I have been operating here in West Cork I have taken time out at this time of year to take new steps.  The first year was to switch to Fairtrade Organic couveture and last year was all about biodegrable and recyclable packaging.  Now that I am happy with what the business is standing for, this fall I have decided to organize my workspace better in my kitchen, moving furniture around and building custom shelves for stack-drying, as well as renaming my little chocolate venture.  Realizing that, in Ireland, businesses tend to go under a given name or location rather than some arbitrary invented name, I have decided to move to the name ‘Inchydoney Chocolate’, both because people are calling it that already and because I am not too fond of calling after myself. ;)  I have applied for the name and hope to get my new identity in order in time for the Christmas markets.  This, of course, will mean a website move as well, and though I used to be great at web work I have slowly fallen out of favor with it, so I suppose this is an opportunity to challenge myself again.

Also it’s a time to prepare for Christmas, looking into markets, ordering packaging and new moulds and getting ready to work hard as soon as Halloween is over!

All that to say sorry I haven’t written anything since last spring, but I’m back and ramping up for a productive season ahead!

Happy Halloween and see you again soon! A x


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