Valentine’s Treats and the beginnings of the new Chocolaterie!

Post Christmas break time flew by this year as we had both my parents and in-laws over for a visit, giving us a hand on our new home project!  This is exciting in itself but I must admit I am nearly most excited about the potential ‘petit chocolaterie’ that we have designated a room for!  Finally a room all my own!  Up until now I have worked in various kitchens, sharing space with day-to-day activities or shoved in a corner of a room needed to serve more than just my own purposes.  But now – all this will change!  I am most thrilled at the prospect of shelving that serves exactly my needs, rolls of ribbon, boxes & stock neatly arranged so that they are always at my fingertips.  As a part of all this excitement my extra special Christmas present was one of those antique looking all-in-one vinyl/cd/tape/radios that is self contained in a lovely wooden box, purchased specially for the future chocolaterie.  Right now it is just a bit of new wallpaper and a some roughly sanded floor boards but in my mind i’m already humming along to Edith Piaf & Silver Mt Zion while stirring a pot of liquid velvet…

While all this is going on, of course, I’m still working out of my old kitchen and there are hearts & truffles shaping up everywhere.  This year I’ve made little hearts in every one of the 11 flavours of bar that I make and have mixed them into lovely little packets that you can pick up at the farmers market this Friday.  Hope to see you there!


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